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Mecca Beauty Loop Review

Mecca Beauty Loop Review


Seeing as I did a post about the Birthday Gift for the Mecca Beauty Loop loyalty Program, I thought I’d do one about the Beauty Loop boxes that you receive 4 times a year among other things.

Like a little kid I look forward with maybe a little too much excitement to the emails I receive, letting me know my beauty loop box is ready to collect or receive with an online order.

There are 3 levels determined by how much you spend with Mecca (Mecca Cosmetica or Mecca Maxima). Here are two Beauty Loop sample boxes for those that are on Level 3. You receive a selection of different ones every time, sometimes there are repeats and sometimes full size products. Honestly some boxes are better than others, but I love how it gives you a proper chance to try new products and really test them out… I’m not one for trying things properly in stores and you generally need a few hours to really see how things last and or react to your skin.


My stand outs from these two boxes are the BY TERRY Terrybly Densiliss foundation/primer/ concealer sample –it’s extremely high end and you may need a mortgage to be able to buy it, but it’s definitely my favourite foundation and on my wish list to purchase at some point, hopefully soon ;p

RADICAL SKINCARE Advanced Peptide Serum -I loved how this made my skin feel overall (especially when travelling) and definitely want to keep it in my stash, but it's on the higher end of serum prices..and then some. It's an anti-aging serum that uses potent properties of peptides; it targets wrinkles, uneven skin tone and skin elasticity. For me it's about the fact I am fading skin pigmentation (I have been using specific stuff for that which I will review later and talk about my life's woes lol). I have also heard the SUNDAY RILEY Good Genes is really good and  cheaper, so I would want to compare before purchasing a full size bottle of either too.

STILA Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner -the funny thing was that I had wanted this colour so it was a nice surprise to see it in the box. I pretty much love all STILA products so naturally I would love this too :) I love how creamy it is and easy to apply, and stays put...job done! It's such a fun colour to experiment with and I team it up with STILA'S bronze eye shadows and use the purple eyeliner to line my waterline. 


MECCA COSMETICA Soft Focus Smoothing Primer -I did like this one but have also tried heaps of primers and I don’t think it’s my favourite yet or if it will make it into my top list. My first impression didn't wow me compared to other brands and it wasn't something that felt like I was really priming my face with, I had to use a lot more product to really feel like I was getting any benefits too. On the flip side, it feels nice, light/airy and doesn't feel heavy or oil against the skin, and smells so refreshing! I still haven't used up all of the tester so will keep playing with it and see if I change my views and review later on. Though, at this stage I doubt if it will ever be my first preference to purchase. 

......And I pretty much love all perfume samples that are included in the boxes!! I wouldn’t try them normally either, but so glad I can discover new ones :) Most of the time I have a good variety of perfumes to choose from, to match my mood and outfits, as you do...wink... But currently the boyfriend seems to have way more...ahh excuse me... I need to rectify this situation pronto! lol! excuses excuses...


Noskam Recommendation: Majorly in love with the Beauty Loop Boxes and hope you find the value of them too! By the time I got around to making this draft live (forever and a day), I received a new one so will give you the deets soon...

You can sign up for Beauty Loop here

xo Noskam


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